Transparency, Integrity and Dynamism

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About Us

MRTN GROUP is a dynamic company that operates in all spheres of import and export.
We are more than export and import, looking beyond its concept of goods and services across borders to being a company that promotes and provides wellbeing products and services.

We have strong steady growth and a well-coordinated organisation that ensures optimisation and innovation in our sector of business.

Making us exclusive in the distribution of several brands in sectors like cosmetics, food and health.

Our expertise in business procedures creates a solid network with business partners.

Our Services

MRTN GROUP is a production and import-export company whose sole purpose of providing healthy organic food and cosmetic products.

Our production and commercial procedures follows the European standards.

Plus, our goal is to accompany you throughout your international procedures and steps.

Reach us for our BIO catalogue.

Organic BIO Food

We supply several organic and nourishing products as Argan oil, Saffron and Olive oil, the best of the Moroccan Heart.

We also work with fruit and vegetable producers and packing station in accordance with COFREUROP. (Orange, tomatoes, lemon…)

Organic BIO Cosmetics

We supply organic Saffron, Rose water, Almonds, Argan and Prickly Pear seed oil for cosmetics purpose.

Our products are fair-trade certified, traceable with lot number and made with (real) LOVE.
(It’s not just a marketing factor for us)

MRTN GROUP guarantees you the best local and organic products from Morocco. We are able to analyze and verify each product before shipment.

Transparency, Integrity and Dynamism

We truly believe in a healthy and transparent relationship with our business partners around the world.

We supply the best in quality organic products for professional and companies. These include virgin Argan oils, extra virgin Olive oil, Almonds and Nuts oil. 

Our products check all boxes before leaving our facility.

Argan and Prickly Pear Seed oil are two of the best cosmetic oils on the market as a result of their unique health properties.
Likewise, we provide water Rose water and Saffron Our cosmetic products are 100% organic, handcrafted and certified by a global organisation Ecocert.

MRTN GROUP stay available to help and give you a quick assistance in all your buying steps and export procedures with integrity, transparency and dynamism.

Our Engagements

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