At MRTN GROUP, our teams stay consistently available to offer expertise, help and support during your process. We play transparency and honesty with our business partners.

MRTN GROUP is more than an import-export company, looking beyond its concept of goods and services across borders to promote and provides wellbeing products and services.

Providing a well-coordinated organisation that ensures optimisation and innovation in our sector of business.

MRTN GROUP use and produce organic and natural products, which we back up with a strict certification, testing and inspection program.

Plus, with our several implementations from France to Ghana by passing to Morocco, we are able to provide you the best assistance and logistics support.

Our Partners

Ensuring transparency, integrity and dynamism with all our dealing partners is our number one mission. We take time to adapt the best solutions for your products commercialisation and company.


A company proud of its African-European roots and deeply invested in the success of its natural resources through health and wellbeing.



Acquire the best from source.
Implement the best process and procedures following European Standards.
Ensure global supply all year round.


Provide and promote sustainable life and wellbeing through commerce without compromising on quality.
Microbiological and phytosanitary analyses are carried out by our collaborators before shipment.



Honesty: Transparency in all our dealings.

Integrity: Demonstrate ethnical principles in all our dealings.

Dynamism: Responsive to the ever changing tempo of industry demands.

MRTN GROUP stay available to help and give you a quick assistance in all your buying steps and export procedures with integrity, transparency and dynamism.

Our Engagements