What's Our Services ?

Quality, Transparency and Authenticity

MRTN GROUP is committed to providing you with organic BIO products that promote well-being whether in form of food or cosmetic.


We only use and produce organic and natural products, which we back up with a strict certification, testing and inspection program.

Plus, with our several implementations from France to Ghana passing by Morocco, we are able to provide you the best assistance and support.

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Transparency, Integrity and Dynamism

Our Services

MRTN GROUP is a production and import-export company whose sole purpose of providing healthy organic food and cosmetic products worldwide.

We have adapted our production and commercial procedures to European standards.

Our teams also qualified to provide you a private labelling solution that mean conditioning and packing your products with your own brand and labels.

Reach us for our BIO catalogue.

Organic BIO Cosmetics

We produce and supply hydrolats as Rose water, Orange Blossom and Roman chamomile as well as Sweet Almonds, Prickly Pear seed and unroasted Argan oil for cosmetics purpose.

Our products are fair-trade and certified, traceable with lot number and made with (real) LOVE.

(It’s not just a marketing factor for us)

Organic BIO Food

We supply several organic and nourishing products as Argan, Walnut and Olive oil, Saffron and Almonds from the best sources of the Moroccan Heart.

We work with fruit and vegetable producers and packing station in accordance with COFREUROP. (Orange, tomatoes, lemon…)

MRTN GROUP stay available to help and give you a quick assistance in all your buying steps and export procedures with integrity, transparency and dynamism.

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